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Sherri Graves Photography About
Sherri Graves Photography About

Sherri Graves Photography-International lifestyle, wedding, portrait, and commercial photographer based in Tucson, Arizona.

I am a photographer, iPhone addict, and Zombie movie connoisseur. I am laughing and living with passion! I am a wife, mother, daughter sister, and friend. I have an assistant/sidekick who has 4 legs and fur. I am an international wedding, lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Tucson, Arizona.

I've been asked for advice for clients when looking for a photographer
Look for a photographer who matches your style....and of course makes fabulous images! Ask ALL your questions and meet in person so that you can tell if we "CLICK". When you meet the "the one", GO FOR IT!!! There are a million photographers out there, tons of them do great work and have plenty of experience. But, there is one that is the perfect match for you, and to find them you have to establish a relationship. I would love to connect personally with you and see if we hear anything...lets set something up soon.

What do I wish prospective clients knew about my trade?
The key to fabulous images is in the "click" and I don't mean the one coming from my big, sexy, Canon camera!! Ok, so you don't love a camera like I do my Canon, and that's ok, I get it! To get the kind of images you picture having, you have got to work with a photographer who works with you! Kinda like picking out the perfect puppy or saying "I Do!!", you will know you've found her when it just "clicks". Isn't it true that we sometimes pick things for all the wrong reasons? I think my Mom gave me that speech once or twice...learn from my mistakes. Connect with them, get to know them, go ahead...ask what kind of puppy I picked out, I'm dying to tell you!

Why does my work stand out and above others?
*S-It just does!! Sounds incredibly pompous doesn't it? I'm not being that way, honest!!! It only took me half my life to learn why this is true. You won't like what everyone does, and everyone won't like what you do (I know, how could they even think that?). The one's you form lasting friendships with just fit with your style and who you are. That is where my work is different from everyone else in my business-it's MINE and if you are in front of the lens it's YOURS-together it's uniquely US! Now don't go running the other way screaming "stranger danger"! That is what makes a fabulous image, you being you, me being me, and CLICK-I heard it, did you?

What kind of questions do my future clients usually ask me?
Interesting enough, they ask me about everything BUT photography......what kind of dog I have, where I got those awesome shoes, what am I reading right now, how do you spell that, and sometimes even do you come here often (NO!). By the time my customers are in front of my lens, we know each other well, and are comfortable with each other. Enough so that I am honored to capture many of my clients most precious moments...from "I Do" to "Oh La La" and everything on both sides of them! Ask me anything, I would love to talk. Just don't ask me what I did in Vegas because you know what they say.....

Sherri Graves Photography is the best. Period. You won't find a better photographer out there. So you may as well just book now.